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 Circus Teacher Training for everyone


International teacher training
Feed your focus
Safety rigging
Duo trapeze
Your safety is our priority
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Body alignment
Practice, practice & practice
Delivering our passion.
Master your move

Our 35 hours teacher training  of I’m Fly Studio, affiliation sharing our techniques, education, experiences in aerial arts to those who passionate in circus training and looking to take their fitness routine to the next level, or take their path to become an aerial instructor anywhere in the world.

Instructors : our founder & CEO, Eve and her special guests

Duration of the training : every weekend of September 2018

Venue : I'm Fly Studio, 2nd. floor. Int Intersect

Price : 69,000 baht per person

Why us?

We offer contemporary and traditional circus training and performance opportunities for their youth and adults in a safe, noncompetitive, socially enriching and nurturing environment. With thier curriculum they encourage and build on each individual’s strengths and abilities to create a strong, unique foundation for excellence.

What included in the certification?

The training will be 35 hours included flexibility, aerial conditioning, hammock, silk, lyra and trapeze, on

    -  enhancing your skills

    -  guiding and spotting others with safety

    -  styling your class

    -  observing and assisting class

    -  specialize on basic circus techniques and master them

 Also, included 8 hours emphasized on apparatus you love as your major specialty which is a highlight of this certification.

                                                                                          MORE INFO / IMFLYSTUDIO@GMAIL.COM

                                                                      OR ASK OUR INSTRUCTOR / EVE.IMFLYSTUDIO@GMAIL.COM

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